You will be missed.

Last Friday I lost one of my favorite people in the whole world.  

My sweet Papa went home to meet his Maker. 

He turned 90 in January and lived an incredible life.  I know he was ready to be united with Jesus and dancing on streets of gold.  Because of all of this, I am celebrating his life.  But, I am also so, so sad.

He has built a family that I am so grateful to be a part of.  He is a story of redemption.  Turning his life to Jesus and never looking back.  So many people told me yesterday stories of how he breathed Jesus.  Blessing them.  Through word and action.  He loved us so well. 

I am grateful that Crews and Tate had the opportunity to meet him.  But, sad that they will not remember him.  I am sad that I will never again hear him say, "I love you and appreciate you" as I hug him goodbye (which he did ev.ery.time I left).  I will never hear him "Amen" a good song by the choir at church.  I will never stop by on my way into town.

 So, incredibly thankful for this man and the legacy he has left.