one of those days.

You know how you wake up some days and you are on it!  You wake up thirty minutes earlier than usual and get a head start on your day before the kids wake up, you tackle your entire to do list before lunch. Make time to read books and tickle your babies.  Your house stays clean (okay, semi-clean) and your laundry is all caught up.  You know the kinda day I'm talking about?  

Well, today has not been that kind of day.  In fact, it's been quite the opposite.  

I have dealt with more fluids today than I care to all week.  I'm sure you're thinking, "that's weird, what does she mean?"  Well, let me just tell you.

First off, Crews and Tate have crazy runny noses.  Like, nonstop.  So every time I turn around I am wiping snot.  Then, I happen to look in the pack-n-play which is full of everything from the remote to a tennis shoe to a sippy cup.  When I look in, I happen to notice a sippy cup.  That we used like three days ago.  For milk.  And the sippy cup is still half full.  Gag me.   

After breakfast Tate spit up twice.  Which doesn't really happen as much anymore.  So it has started grossing me out again.  Once he spit up in the middle of the kitchen floor and then the second time in a basket of clean clothes I had just gotten out of the dryer.  
Later while changing diapers I noticed that Tate's bum looked a little irritated so I just let him run around naked for a few minutes.  Which is like the best treat ever.  So of course, Crews wanted to be naked as well.  After getting them undressed I went to get their outfits for the day and throw their pjs in the laundry room.  I was out of the playroom for like two minutes.  

I came back and Crews had POOPED IN THE FLOOR.  
And, not only had he pooped but he was STEPPING in it!  

It's hard to turn the day around after that.

So, my house looks like this:

Like I said, today has not been one of those "I got this" kinda days.  

Oh yeah, and I stole a gallon of milk from Aldi.  On accident.  It was in the bottom of the stroller and I forgot about it.  Till I got out to the car and loaded the boys up.  I wasn't about to go back in.  

Don't worry Mom, I'll pay for it next time I'm there.  Promise.