displaying pictures.

One of the hardest parts about everything being digital is that I like to hold things.  I haven't given into the nook or any other type of e-reader.  I like to go to the library or the bookstore, peruse the books, find a great hardback and flip the pages as I read.  

The other major difficulty for me is pictures.  I take a bazillion pictures every month.  And they go nowhere.  Sadly, they don't even end up on the ol' blog very often.  I don't get them printed.  And, if I do actually get some printed which has happened only a handful of times since we've gotten married, they stay in the Shutterfly package and are put in a picture box.  It's frustrating.  I want our pictures to be available.  Memories that we can look back through any time just for fun.  And, that is just not going to happen if they are only on the computer.  I also want to make sure there are pictures for Crews and Tate.  And for their families one day.  Not just some old, obsolete hard drive that I saved all the pictures on.  But actual photos they can look at.

So, in an attempt to remedy this situation, I decided to start printing photo books.  

Jordan and I talked about just ordering prints but realized that by the time we spent money ordering the prints and then bought a photo album for all the prints, we might as well just order books.  

Like I mentioned before, I want to make sure that our kids and our kid's kids have pictures to look at and memories to cherish.  One thing that I absolutely love is handwriting.  When I come across a recipe in my Mema's handwriting or a book that she gave me as a child with a handwritten note in the front from her, I love it.  It's also something I cherish when I look back at my childhood albums.  Well my friend, Meg, told me about an idea she had seen on Pinterest.  You order a photo book without words and then you write in the book.  This way, you have your handwriting with the pictures.  So, for the book about Crews and Tate's NICU stay, I wrote in all the details.  I love it.  Even though it is messier than printed text, I love that it is my handwriting.  So that when our families look back, years down the road they will have that.

 I also decided that I should print a book each time we have a photo shoot.  You get so many great pictures but only end up printing a handful for frames or canvases.  The rest stay on the CD.  So, I printed a book of Crews and Tate's newborn photo shoot as well as the recent 9 month photo shoot.  

 Already these pictures have been looked through multiple times.  We have looked through them and other people have looked through them as they are sitting on our coffee table.  And, Crews and Tate are occasionally enjoying them as chew toys.  Because they are pulling up (say what?!?) and find these to gnaw on.  Oh well, it will add character, right?

So thankful to have these memories and can't wait to start printing more!