embrace the camera.

I'm going to start joining Emily, at The Anderson Crew, for Embrace the Camera each Thursday!

She started this idea because she wanted her kids to have pictures of them together. 
I love this idea so I want to start it now.  Not always being behind the camera, but taking pictures with them.

Crews (L) and Tate (R)

Note to self:  Going like this to Walmart is a terrible idea!  You will get stopped by every other person throughout the entire store.  And each time you are stopped the person (with a rat tail and three teeth) will want to get in your twins' faces and carry on a five minute conversation.  Cream of chicken soup and eggs are not worth it.  Go after your husband gets home.  Or, go with the eight-foot train (pushing a double stroller and pulling a grocery cart).  That is easier than getting personal with half the county.  I promise!