::: march goals :::

  • Make two presents ::  I haven't figured out my two project this month.  I think I know one that I'm doing but I'm still trying to decide on my second one.  This has been such a fun goal so far this year!  I'm definitely excited to continue this.
  • Read The Hunger Games ::  So, I caved.  I've seen everyone raving about this book and I requested the book at my library at the beginning of February.  They put me on the waiting list.  Last night I checked online and I was number nineteen on the list.  I went to Barnes and Noble today.  I couldn't wait that long! 
  • Complete the 10 Day Plan from Organized Simplicity ::  Y'all.  This is a big goal.  Yes, it's a 10 day plan.  But I am anticipating it taking longer.  The plan is fabulous.  And our home will definitely be organized when I've completed the plan.  But it's going to take a ton of time and energy!  I considered this being one of my only goal for March because it seems that big and daunting!  We'll see how it goes...
  • Make a photo book of the NICU stay ::  I have a coupon for a free Shutterfly book that will expire mid-March.  I'm planning to do photo books each year but I thought that a separate NICU book would be nice. Just so we can remember that important, difficult, trying month.
  • Pursue Jordan ::  I don't want to stop pursuing Jordan now that life is so crazy.  I'm going to be intentional this month about trying to love him well.  Finding ways to make him feel important and cherished and loved just for who he is.
  • Make a menu and stick to it :: I've made my March menu.  This is a step closer than I've gotten the last few months.  For both January and February I didn't even get my menu written down.  Hopefully this will be the month for success!
  • Blog :: I want to keep this up.  Hopefully I'll blog a little more but a few times here and there is better than nothing!
  • Extra credit - Paint the Buffet Table :: I really want to paint the table in my living room.  But, I know that adding this to my list maaay not be realistic.  But, we'll see :)  I'm going to let myself only do this if I finish my other goals in time.  Because, knowing myself, I'd skip one of my other goals that I really don't want to do and paint my buffet table instead.  
What are your March goals?  Leave a link to your post!