project 52.6


Yes, my hands are full.  

I get the comment, "My goodness, you've got your hands full!", every time I go somewhere.  This is how we go places.  I push the two of you in the stroller and I pull the cart behind me (both infant seats won't fit in a buggy).  The craziest trip so far was our trip to Costco.  Pushing the stroller and pulling behind the giant cart full of bulk items.  We were quite a sight to see.  

And, people are right.  I do have my hands full.  
But, honestly?  
I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yes, life is crazy.  Yes, it is quite a feat to go anywhere.  Yes, I am tired.  
But I love me a challenge.  
And I love having my hands full.  
And I love that my heart just about explodes every morning when I see both of your smiling faces.  

Because my heart?  

It's even more full than my hands are.