breastfeeding series.

I started my post about being "free" on Monday and I was just going to give a quick update on how breastfeeding has been going.  It started out as a general, quick breastfeeding post.  But, I then I realized that I've got a ridiculous amount of stuff to say.  And it was getting wordy.  And I wasn't even sure how to combine every aspect of this into one post, anyway. 

So, I thought how about I just write a pumping post?  Then I'll write a nursing post.  And then one about milk supply and storage and all of that.  And then...

I realized I typically don't follow through on these multiple post things.  I have to say what I want to say right then.  Because I often don't make the time to actually follow through.  But then I also realized, I will really write about this.  Because when I was pregnant with the twins I had so many questions about the actual process of nursing twins.  And I wanted to see, so badly, what someone's real life looked like while nursing twins.   I've become super passionate about it and I know that when I was pregnant with twins I searched and searched for a blog post that just showed what a real-life, twin mom was doing everyday with breastfeeding.  What it looked like for her.  I never found one that just kind of explained her process. 

So, I've decided to do a little mini series :)

This may be of interest to no one.  So, I'm sorry if I bore you with all these details.  But, if it helps one twin mom out there who's trying to decide whether she should attempt to breastfeed, or one twin mom who's going to go against all the people who attempt to tell her it will be too difficult and time consuming to do this with two babies, or one NICU mom who thinks that this would be too stressful under all the circumstances...then it will be worth it!  Plus, I've gotten questions from my friends and family about it so this will be a good place to just kinda get it all out there!

So, without further ado....I present:

I'm sure all of this will evolve as I actually write out the posts, but I'm thinking that these will be the general topics I'll talk about:

1.  Get help.
2. Pumping.
3.  Nursing.
4.  Breastfeeding while out and about.
5.  Milk supply and storage.
6.  Equipment you need.

I know that some of these will be individual posts.  But then others may morph into one post.  I'll throw a few funny stories in here and there from my experience so far.  And I may do a FAQ if people want to know something that I'm not covering.  

Are there other topics that you'd like to hear about?