i've been sick yesterday and today.

and today my mom came to my house (an hour and a half away from my parent's house) to check on me and brought me back to her house.  she couldn't stand it.  worker man is out of town and she couldn't stand me being home by myself, sick.

yes, i am married.
yes, i'm in my twenties.
and yes, my mommy still comes and gets me when i get sick.

and no, i wouldn't want it any other way.

[she'll also still hold my hair back if i'm throwing up which i'm super thankful for because i've found out that worker man will.not.do.that.period.]

so, long story short, i'm at their house tonight.

since glee comes on on wednesday nights, i asked my sister if she watches glee.
[does anyone else watch glee??]

her response:

jenny, i don't have regular channels in my room [only antenna].
therefore, i watch hunting, camel races or my friends dvds.

apparently my dad has worker man beat on tv choices

and yes, we're watching camel racing tonight.