i work at a medical school that is attached to a hospital.

thankfully, i have not spent a lot of time in hospitals. especially not in recent years. but, anytime i am walking through the hospital for a random reason i become aware of how much sickness there is out there. just today i walked down through the hospital and i saw three extremely sick people.

one with cancer. she had no hair. she was sitting in the lobby hooked to an iv with all kinds of bags hanging from it. i assume she was there, in the lobby, as an escape from the four walls she has probably been confined to for some time.

one man with tubes coming out of his nose. probably weighed eighty pounds, max. he was slowly walking down the hall in sock feet. no look of joy. no look of anything. just a blank stare.

and the third. another man with a hospital gown on. barely able to walk even with the help of a cane. carrying a bag of medicines. again, no joy. just a longing desire to be out of this place.

the third glanced at me as i walked by. and in that split second i was overwhelmed with emotion. just so incredibly thankful to be able to work. to be able to walk. to be able to find joy in the small things. the things i so quickly take for granted.

so today i am aware.

aware that i am healthy.
aware that i am able.

aware that i am blessed.