worker man and i {being the stubborn, hard-headed people we are} decided that we were cutting off our internet and cable. the humongous cable/internet/phone company {that will not be mentioned by name} practically has a monopoly and we decided we were fed up with them. our price for cable and internet jumped by like 60% after our one year contract was up and we both thought it was ridiculous.

therefore, with principal in mind, we called and told them that we would just find someone else. they tried to keep us as customers but all of there offers we not even close to what we had been paying. so we cancelled and set out to find a new company.

the problem?

there are no other cable/internet companies that service our area.
they have us right where they want us.

so after three nights of no cable or internet. driving four houses down each night to sit in the driveway of the inlaws and bum their internet. and having blog and royal pains {a fabulous tv show on usa by the way} withdrawals...guess who i called today?

you got it: the humongous cable/internet/phone company, that will not be mentioned by name, but practically has a monopoly.