cup 'o joe.

I read on a blog somewhere yesterday that McDonald's was offering free Small Premium Roast coffee (1 per customer per day) everyday during breakfast hours for the next two weeks.

Well, I love McDonald's coffee but I rarely go there to get coffee since I can just drink the coffee at work. I decided this morning would be a good morning to stop by since I could get a free cup. I called FMIL on my way to let her know about this fantastic deal!

I pulled through the drive-thru and asked the lady if they were offering the free coffee and she couldn't understand me. I repeated myself and she acted like I was crazy. " ma'am, we don't have free coffee"

My response?

"Well then, never mind. Thanks!"
And I whipped my car right out of that drive-thru line and headed on to work.

I called FMIL to let her know that in fact, there was NO free coffee. She asked why I didn't just buy a coffee. But of course, I'm not about to buy the cup of coffee.

I am not about to fall for the McDonald's Coffee Conspiracy that has been planned to offer free coffee at some McDonald's and not at others so I will buy coffee at the ones that aren't offering the free coffee!

Okay, so maybe they don't have a conspiracy. But STILL!

The last thing that not-so-"F"MIL (just kidding, hehe.) said...

"I'm glad you called to let me know so I didn't have to go look like an idiot too!"

yes, that was me. the idiot in the drive-thru line. you can't hurt her for telling the truth.