I picked a good one

While I was at supper with some friends, I sent Worker Man to Walmart. I gave him a list with only two things on it. This is what he came home with:

Poor guy. He's a good husband. I gave him specifics of what I wanted and he came home and told me, "I couldn't find the compact ones, but I got these instead". I hope this is okay. He also explained that he just had to get the pack of 50 because it was such a better price per tampon :)

Also, he worked on comparing the prices of Midol. He made sure to get the larger bottle of the tablets because the gel caps were a LOT more expensive and of course the larger bottle is a better deal. (All this is coming from his mouth, haha!)

He even said people were laughing at him.

So not only do I have a good husband that will go and get me things like tampons and Midol but he'll actually look through the aisle and make sure to get the thing I requested AND the best deal.