She's trying to convert me!

I've always been very confident in the fact that I will not be a minivan mom. First, let me say the mom part is not going to happen any time soon. But, I've always wanted to drive a suburban instead of minivan. Well, G (Worker Man's sister/EC's mom) and FMIL claim that they will not have to convince me. They think that after we have our first kiddo that we will be convinced on our own that a minivan is the best option.

As I stated, FMIL claims that she is not trying to convince me but look what she made me drive to BSF on Monday night:

She was probably thinking, "If I can just get her behind the wheel and let her get a feel for it...there will be no turning back"

I think FFIL is in on it too.

I can see straight through that grin...

I must confess...

...I'm still a hater.