shop update (scarves and clutches!)

Good Morning, y'all!  

I'm excited to finally be posting a new shop update!  Once I started having a few days where I felt human again I got to work on some new scarves.  I have new colors available that are perfect for Spring!  I'm excited to introduce these as Spring starts on Thursday (woohoo!) and with Easter coming I know these could be the perfect addition to Easter Baskets (ahem...husbands...).  

Some old colors are making a comeback as well as new.  From left to right above we have:

light blue, green, bubblegum pink, chocolate, teal, light pink, black and aqua

And, I have decided to make clutches available again for a limited time!  With the new babe coming in a couple of months (WHAT?!?) they will probably only be listed for a short amount of time until I will have to pull them again.  But I've had lots of requests for them since October so I wanted to give people an opportunity to purchase them now!  I'm thinking these would be a great purchase for Easter baskets, summer birthdays or even getting a jump start on Christmas presents!  How great would it feel to have some Christmas gifts already checked off your list in March?  

Thanks for hanging with me while I've taken time off!  I've missed Moxie Made and am excited to spend some time on the shop and blog again before Bambino Tres arrives!

Happy Shopping!

The final winner!

Sorry this post is a few days late!  This weekend has been more hectic than I anticipated!  But - this past week was so much fun!  It's hard to believe that it's already come to a close.  I am so excited to finally have this new space and I am so excited that you've decided to follow along!  I will be adding new products often (especially with Christmas right around the corner!) as well as sneak peeks of photoshoots and just ramblings about our crazy life.  So, come back and visit!

I have been so excited to show you all my new stuff!  Including my "Jenny Conklin" and Jenny Conklin Photography logo that my wonderful sister drew as well as my new Moxie Made logo which my sister drew and my sweet friend, Casey, digitized.  I am blessed with extremely gifted and giving people in my life!  


Well, enough talk, the last giveaway winner of launch week is:  

Vickie Hedgepeth

Email me at jenny (at) jennyconklin (dot) com to claim your outfit!  

Thanks again for y'alls support!  I have lots of new stuff hopefully coming out soon so come back and see what's coming up next! 


The fun continues!

Hey, y'all! So glad you're back today!  

The clutch giveaway winner is:   

Catherine Adcox

Congratulations Catherine!  Please email me at jenny (at) jennyconklin (dot) com and let me know your clutch color choice, monogram and thread color! 

All the colors can be viewed here .

And, now...for the last giveaway!   


That's right!  A pumpkin outfit for the favorite kiddo in your life!  You can choose the girls shirt and skirt or the boys shirt and pants! 

Head on over to the Moxie Made Facebook page to share this image!   

I'll announce the winner tomorrow!