Good News!

Oh, y'all.  Today I'm here to update with the best news ever!  


May I introduce you to our DAUGHTER!

Scout's first picture 生活照1.jpg

We were matched with her three days before she turned ONE!  We've decided to name her Scout!  And we're hoping to travel to get her right after Christmas!  

Oh, y'all.  What a glorious day this was!  When I opened her picture and watched a short little video our agency sent of her, I was overwhelmed.  I burst into tears, couldn't stop giggling and jumped up screaming all in the course of a few minutes.  It was such a sweet night of so many emotions:  relief, hope, and joy.  I can't wait to travel to get her and I find myself totally in shock that she's OURS!  We got matched on a Wednesday and then went to Great Wolf Lodge for the twins' birthday.  While there Tate made a wish when he blew out his candle and said, "I wished for China Baby to come home fast".  We told them the following Wednesday on their actual birthday (before family arrived) and it was so fun to see Tate's "wish" answered so quickly :)  When our family arrived to celebrate the twins we ended up giving them each a little gift bag with a poem announcing her arrival and inside their gift was a framed picture of Scout!  It was such a fun night to surprise them and celebrate!

Scout's poem announcement.jpg

There are all the big details!  If you are interested in reading more of a timeline of how things have played out, I've added a tab to the blog to keep people up to date.  You can see a history of every step of our journey here!

If there are additional questions y'all have, I'd love to answer any of them!  I know adoption seems like this big, scary, impossible task but I think it's really the unknown of it that makes it so scary.  I'd love to chat with any of you who might be considering adoption or just want to know more about any of the details!  So please feel free to reach out and ask any questions.  We love to talk about it so I'll be excited to chat about it any time!