Is This Real Life?

Last week Worth got sick.  It involved a carseat full of puke, a naked baby in a gas station parking lot, a bang-up cleaning job with only a pack of baby wipes and a mini bottle of hand sanitizer, and twin boys yelling "it smells disgussstingggg in here" for our thirty minute ride home.

Fast forward five days later.  A 3:30 am wakeup call for more puke all over a freshly bathed kiddo and fresh sheets changed just that night.  This time, Crews.  And the extra perk was the night before was spent at a 90th birthday celebration at K&W - which of course means jello for kids because isn't that everyone's favorite childhood memory of visiting K&W with their grandma?  So, I essentially cleaned up a science experiment.

Thankfully today has been uneventful.  We've watched lots of movies, laid around, and eaten popsicles.  Well that is until tonight...when I look up at the supper table and Tate throws up all over the table.  Crews watches it all happen and immediately turns green.  Jordan asks him to come across the kitchen and look away.  This is where I start laughing in between the almost crying part.  As pitiful as the boys are I can't help but start to wonder if someone has hidden a camera in our house for entertainment purposes.  I'm expecting someone to walk through the door and tell me I'm on Punk'd or something.  Within five seconds he starts throwing up so Jordan hoists him over the kitchen sink.  He strips him down and tells him to walk straight to the bathroom for a bath.  As he walks past the kitchen table, he makes the mistake of looking up.  And again, vomits all over the floor.

Poor Worth stands, eyes wide and watches from one puking kid to the next.  Back and forth and back again.  

All that to say, it's a good time at our house tonight.  Also, twins are awesome.  (for real they are but some twin "perks" are a little less fun :))

(Also, I'm glad this is my first blog post in forever.  Some people blog about pretty little happy things.  You know, swoon-worthy things.  Apparently I blog about puke and diarrhea volcanos and fun things like that.  You're welcome.)