friday afternoon randoms.

I have missed spending time here recording life.  The funny stories and the chaos.  Just recording life as it's happening.  My sister mentioned last night that I should really be journaling and she's right.  My life is a blur right now.  A sweet, wonderful, crazy blur.  And I know there are so many things I'm going to wish I remembered one day.  Even the things that I think I'll never forget.  And I keep telling myself to blog and yet I haven't made the time to do it!  By the time I get the boys in bed at night the idea of even getting on my computer is exhausting.  I just go to bed instead.  Sheesh - if I think it's exhausting now, I'm going to be a total crazy person in five weeks or less!  So, let's set the bar low for today.  How about a list of random things?

1.  I'm addicted to a new drink at Starbucks.  With warm weather here, I figured I should share!  I really like iced coffee but unfortunately I've yet to find anywhere that offers it decaf.  I'm a decaf girl in general but definitely when I'm pregnant or nursing.  So, at Starbucks I found that I can order a decaf iced americano which is extremely similar to a regular iced coffee.  Then, I ask to add cream and white mocha.  I typically get one pump less of the white mocha than they normally put in because it always seems a little too sweet.  It is so good!  And thankfully, I've been gifted with a few Starbucks giftcards at showers for Babe #3 - so the addiction can stay funded without breaking the bank :)   I'm also trying not to worry about the foreshadowing of all the Starbucks giftcards.  I'm thinking these friends are aware of just how exhausted I'm going to be!  Speaking of gifts, I've had two showers for the new baby and I'm feeling so grateful.  I need to beg for pictures from the people who had their cameras at the shower so I can post about them.  I do have one picture with my sister and sister-in-law at one of my showers.  They, along with my mom, threw such a fun shower!  They always know how to make me feel so loved.

2.  We have yet to come up with a name for baby number three.  We had just as hard of a time with the twins - we actually decided on the names in the hospital just before they were born.  I'm thinking the same thing will happen this time.  I've realized I will probably change my mind ten times between now and the baby being born if I try and choose a name now.  So I'm good with waiting.  I just keep a running list of names that I like and occasionally Jordan and I will go through and eliminate ones we don't both like.  Hopefully we'll get it narrowed down over time so we only have a few to choose from by the time the baby is on the way!

3.  I'm getting some monogramming done today because the boys are spending the day with my mom.  It's been nice to get some things done and I've enjoyed spending some time working.  I really enjoy monogramming but it takes a lot to get started - so it's always nice when you have a whole day to spend on it rather than trying to squeeze in one outfit here and one clutch there.  Once everything is out it's easier to knock out a bunch at one time!


4.  We've been working on the nursery a lot lately.  We waited for a long time and then I started to get antsy to get it done.  I think part of it is that I'm in new territory now.  The boys were born at 32 weeks.  I'm now 35 weeks.  So all of this is new.  Feeling like I'm a ticking time bomb.  Realizing that my due date is quickly approaching.  And the nursery still being a guest bedroom!  Thankfully we were able to get the majority of stuff done this week so now it's just adding in the fun details :)  

5.  Speaking of the nursery, we had to move the boys out of their cribs in order to use one for the new baby.   Sooooo, Jordan built their new big boy beds!  He did such a great job and the boys have loved them!  They get so excited at nap time and bedtime because they get to get in their new beds.  It's so fun! 

Like father, like son :)

Like father, like son :)

We need to re-center their names - they were centered over the cribs!

We need to re-center their names - they were centered over the cribs!

6.  I chopped off my hair a couple months ago!  It was great for the first little bit but now I'm back to the ponytail phase.  I'm trying to decide what to do to it now - I don't know if I should go shorter or if I should start letting it grow out a little.  Decisions, decisions :)

7.  Baths are my jam these days.  I've always loved baths but rarely made time for them.   This pregnancy has been pretty rough so a bath makes me feel so much better when I'm feeling extra yucky.  Unfortunately, our bathtub is extremely small so it's pretty hysterical when I try to take a bath.  I have to turn on my side to submerge half my belly and then switch sides to get the other half fully in the water.  It's ridiculous.  But, when I'm at my parents house I take advantage of their big tub and it's a little slice of heaven!  

8.  Jordan's sick today.  Womp womp.  Isn't that the way it goes?  My mom is watching the boy so we had a fun date night planned that involved PF Changs and then dessert at the Cheesecake Factory.  But instead, he's been in bed since 4:30 this afternoon (you know it's bad if he comes home early from work) and I'm headed on a Buy Buy Baby and Target run.  But, a Target run that doesn't involve shoving raisins and stickers at Crews and Tate for the duration of the trip sounds like quite a treat too!  I might just get me a decaf iced americano and meander the aisles for a few extra minutes just because I can :)  


Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!