wedding gift.

My childhood friend, Ellis, and his beautiful bride, Sarah, were married this weekend.  The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and lots of fun.  I thought I'd post a picture of the wedding gift I made for them.

As NC State grads and huge football fans, they spend lots of weekends tailgating.  In fact, I think they even had a tailgating shower before a football game last year where they received lots of fun NC State gear :)  Such an awesome idea!  

Well, you know how you fight and fight with saran-wrap to get it to stick to a bowl?  
And then you take it off when it's time to eat but if there are any leftovers in the bowl, good luck, because you've already wadded up the saran-wrap and thrown it away.

I decided to make them a bowl cover!  I thought it might be a good addition to their tailgating supplies!  Or even good for grilling out - to keep the bugs away from the baked beans until the rest of the food is ready.  And of course, a little embroidery never hurts :)

To go along with the bowl cover, I monogrammed some kitchen towels.  I feel like there's something fun about special kitchen towels.  I always love having fun ones and thought they may like to have a few with their monogram :)

I found the tutorial for the bowl cover on Finding My Feet!

one of my favorite things.

One night last week we did one of my favorite things during the summer.  We went to the pool and ate supper and then swam.  It was so much fun.  The weather was perfect.  The lighting was perfect.  And the company was perfect.  I took some pictures and then my sister-in-law, Gretchen, took some :)

Emma Claire learned how to swim this week.  So, she and Poppy spent time going down the slide.  He's so sweet with all his littles.

Nonny, aka - Superhero of the week, and sweet Anabelle.

Me and Tate

Jordan and Crews.  I loved his expression in all of these so I had to put them all on here :)

Me with Tate again.

An in-action shot of Poppy and Emma Claire.

Daddy and Tate :)

Anabelle and her princess float!

Jordan and his nieces.

Me and Crews.

Tate and Nonny.

4 years.

Today marks 4 years.

It's so hard to believe that we have been married for that long. But, I can honestly say, I love him more today than ever before.  Even though most of our friends would tell you we about kill each other all the time, we really do love each other.  We fight hard.  But we also love hard.  He was made for me.   And I am so, so thankful that I get to spend the rest of my days with him.  

Tonight we had a mini-photoshoot.  I set up the tripod and we took a few pictures in between changing diapers, attempting to feed babies avocado and oatmeal, bathing babes, and fixing supper.  Our house is a total wreck.  I am obviously a mess.  And I actually started to change clothes and try to fix my hair.  Or, at least put on some lip gloss.  But then, I realized, I want to capture us.  The real us. 

There will be time for high heels and makeup this weekend (when we leave the boys overnight for the first time!).  But tonight, it was real.  And messy.  But, it's us.

(And, no, contrary to what you might think when you look at this picture.  That is not a baby bump.  It is my lack of abs after carrying around two babies.  I'm working on it.

 And, we had to sneak in a picture of our new additions this year :)

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