what are you aiming for?

Back in January I decided to document the boys individually each day.  I started taking a photograph of Crews and Tate separately and putting them on Instagram using a specific hashtag for them.  You may have seen others doing this as well.  I actually got the idea from one of my favorite photographers.  I didn't do so well with documenting their firsts.  Or keeping their baby books updated.  And a lot of the pictures I have of them from their first year are of them together. So, I wanted to switch things up for this year.  And, looking back, I am so thankful I chose to do it!  It is so sweet to glance back through their pictures and see a snapshot of our year.  I absolutely love it.  I'm not sure that it will continue next year, in fact it probably won't, but I'm grateful for this year that has been documented daily.

Well, do you know what number today is?  


That's right.  We have one hundred days until 2013 is complete.  As this number has been approaching, I've been mulling over what I want the last one hundred days of this year to look like.  I want my life to be intentional.  I want to live each day with meaning.  I don't want to look back and think that I wasted one second.  That doesn't mean that my life has to be busy.  It means that there are healthy margins, that there are lazy days, that there is plenty of time to read books and swing and go for walks on top of working hard.  I know that life always gets crazy with the holidays coming.  And now, with the new website launching, it's going to be even crazier.  

But, instead of succumbing to the chaos, I was to embrace it intentionally.

And, I always find it funny the way God reiterates His point to me.  Last week in BSF my lecture leader made the statement, "If you call yourself a woman of God you must be intentional about asking what you're doing with your days and why you're doing it".  That has come to mind over and over during the past two weeks.  What AM I doing with my days?  And WHY am I doing it?

And, then, God reiterated it again on Sunday.  During part of the sermon, our pastor asked us what makes for a successful life.  He asked the question, "if you don't know what you think a successful life is, how can you aim for it?".  He encouraged us to take the time to make our list of what would make a successful life.  Then, he proceeded to give his list.  And honestly, his list seems right on point.  I can't imagine a better list.  So, I thought I would share it with you.

1.  A personal relationship with Jesus that is real
2.  An enjoyable marriage
3.  A great relationship with my kids
4.  The work of my hards being blessed
5.  Enjoying all the God's created for us to enjoy

This was just a portion of his sermon in which he talked about "The Secret Place".  He referenced Matthew 6 and the three things Jesus tells us should be done privately (or without trying to be noticed).  Giving to the needy, praying and fasting (or sacrificing things to draw closer to Him).  Then, he continued to tell us that outward success is dictated by what goes on in our secret life.  My favorite point of the sermon was this:  "When we see someone's life is successful we can be assured that they are spending time in The Secret Place".  When they are successful, as well as their home and their marriage, the relationship they have with their kids and the work of their hands, it is all because they are spending time in The Secret Place.  

Okay, I've gotten a little off track.  Sorry.  Once I got started, I couldn't stop telling you about the sermon!

Back to what I'm aiming for.  If I want to have a life that is successful, I have to figure out what I'm aiming for and then I have to intentionally pursue that with my days.

And now, I have one hundred days.  To finish out this year.  And I don't know about you, but I want to finish strong.  

Step one, I'm ordering this book.  

What are you aiming for?
And what steps are you taking to make it happen?

project 52.48


Wow.  Y'all are becoming more and more feisty.  
You have been since Day One but as you've gotten older you have definitely honed the skill of fighting for what you want.  I guess it's just a natural thing since you've gotta share with someone else every.single.second.  
Feisty is good.  

But, sometimes I get glimpses of what my days are going to consist of for the next EIGHTEEN YEARS.  
And I proceed to curl up in a fetal position and pull the sheets over my head and pretend that it will always be easy like when y'all would lay in the same place that I put you and coo and giggle all while looking adorable and thinking I was the greatest thing since sliced bread.  
But, I'd say this picture accurately describes what life is going to look like for a while.  You both wanted the lawnmower.  Ignoring the fact that we have THREE lawnmowers for you to play with, you both NEEDED that one.  So, a fight broke out.  All out war.  

And, as I watched from afar all I could do was smile.  Well and grab my camera so I could snap a picture.  Life is going to be hard as a twin.  As exciting and special as it is, it will also come with difficulties.  
But, obviously your feisty little spirits are up for the challenge!

project 52.47


I figured out while we were at the beach that y'all are absolutely fearless.  You run straight to the "mine" (the word both of you use for water - so strange but sweet :)).  You take off sprinting as soon as your feet hit the sand and once you hit the water, you keep on running.  You don't want to hold someone's hand.  You don't want to be stopped.  

And honestly?  It was exhausting because it meant someone had to be right on your heels every second.   And it was even scary at times because if I took my eyes off you for one second, you were headed into the water.  

But, even more than both of those things, it was amazing.  
To see your eyes light up when you took off running.
To hear your squeals of delight when your feet touched the cold water.  
To watch you laugh when the waves came crashing towards you. 

It is so representative of how I want life to be with y'all.  I am so, so glad that you are fearless.  God did not create His people to be timid and worried.  And I am so thankful that already you are embracing this life that you've been given.  For you (and for me) it is going to be exhausting at times.  And scary.  Just like it was at the beach.  But, so much more than that, it's going to be pure joy.  

I want to embrace this life fearlessly with you.  
Not holding you back by worry or fear.  
But instead, encouraging you and watching you live.